The environnement

Preserving the environment: a shared concern

Aware of our environmental impact, we have launched several initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated by our business. In order to involve our customers in our efforts and thereby encourage responsible consumption, we provide them with eco-friendly alternatives in shops.

Waste reduction

Aware of the waste produced by our business, we have initiated a transition as regards the accessories used in our outlets.

We designed a reusable and recyclable garment bag in replacement of plastic bags that are far too often used as a cover for freshly dry-cleaned clothing.
Implemented in 2009 in Switzerland, the reusable garment bag provides a qualitative response to the need to protect customers freshly cleaned items. It is offered to our customers across 13 countries where the brand operates.

Furthermore, returnable hangers are gradually offered to our customers, who are invited for now to bring their wire hangers back to their local shop and to deposit them in the dedicated collectors in order to reuse them.
This new model of reusable hanger has been subject to many tests as well as a specific development. Reusable hangers provide an optimal alternative way - in terms of quality - to hold garments securely.

Greenhouse gas emission reduction

We favour the use of so-called ‘soft’ mobility when possible. Thus, in Geneva, our drivers use fully electric vehicles to deliver our shops located in the city centre. Moreover, dry cleaning home deliveries are made by bicycle.