Building a Responsible Business

We are determined to make a contribution beyond the boundaries of our company.
Driven by the will of the Group, our subsidiaries have launched several socially responsible actions in the form of direct participation or financial support.

Best buddies


Best Buddies is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social and professional inclusion of individuals with mental or developmental disabilities through several programs.
5àsec supports Best Buddies in Argentina by participating and sponsoring one of the events organised by the association, i.e. the Rugby Seven.

SOS Children’s Village


Aldeas infantiles is an organization focused on supporting children without parental care, orphaned children and families at risk throughout the world to offer them a shelter and help them shape their own future.
Since 2011, 5àsec has made a modest financial contribution to the organization in Spain.



Reforest’Action is a company whose aim is to protect the environment and fight against deforestation by planting trees, and thereby offsetting carbon emissions.
In France, within the framework of the implementation of reusable garment bags, 5àsec donates €0.10 to the association from each sale of garment bag. Thanks to the funds raised, 2000 trees were planted in 2016.