Services for companies

5àsec, the textile expert at the service of businesses

Thanks to modern equipments, appropriate IT tools and building on our know-how, we offer a wide range of services for small/medium-sized and large businesses:

  • Work clothing cleaning service (PPE, HoReca uniforms, Workwear, etc...)
  • Laundry service for either local authority or HoReCa workers (medical and social institutions, retirement homes) 
  • Concierge service with a drop-off/collection point located within the company and services at preferred rates
  • Drop & Go service: your customers can drop off their clothes within your premises or we can handle the logistics together with the cleaning. This service can be implemented in public parking lots, train stations, kiosks, petrol stations, etc...

By choosing us, you will experience our:

   1. Professional quality, through our trained experts and appropriate facilities and equipment
   2. Cost control system: we have introduced a pay per item system
   3. Efficient logistics:  every effort is made to optimize costs
   4. Tracking system: you can use a tracking tool per item, per day, per employee, per company.
   5. Statistics and reporting: we can provide both a tailor-made reporting and personalized statistics
   6. Easy billing system: according to your own preference, we can issue invoices by departments/profit centre or consolidated invoices.

 For further information relative to our services for companies and businesses, please kindly contact us directly: