Dry cleaning & wet cleaning

Dry-cleaning is a process that combines a mechanical action with the efficiency of a solvent.

Several types of solvents are used today. Perchloroethylene and siloxane (silicone) are two cases in point.
A dry cleaning machine is similar to a washing machine, except that it is larger and uses a closed-loop system: the solvent is recovered, filtered and reused in the next cleaning cycle.
5àsec makes a point of using and handling solvents in a responsible and engaged way for the well being of both employees and customers and for the sake of the environment. 
The 5àsec group tests all the available options to perchlorethylene.
Amongst them, it appears that KWL is today the best alternative to perchlorethylene.
KWL has been used for several years in Germany, in the Unites States, in Canada as well as in Northern European countries. It is an efficient solvent, very little volatile and that can be recycled.
95% of new machines installed in these countries inclined to sustainable development, if not pioneer in this domain, are KWL technology-based.
In Spain, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland, a couple of dozens of 5àsec shops are already using  KWL as an alternative to perchlorethylene.
In 2012, the 5àsec team will test two new technologies, with the purpose of setting up the most efficient and eco-friendly practices.




All of our stores are equipped with machines that use ’water’ as the primary cleaning solution.
This process is based on 4 elements, fundamental to the efficiency of  the washing process:

  • the mechanical action
  • laundry products
  • temperature
  • the time allocated to each washing cycle

We use an exclusive range of laundry products that  purify, degrease, soften textiles.