Careers at 5àsec

Further to his training in Switzerland, Roger Chavanon, from Saint-Etienne in France, established his ‘5 à sec’ branches in 1968 in Marseilles.
Visionary, he came up with the idea of introducing and implementing dry cleaning machines into the premises.
The brand cleverly took advantage of the growth of supermarkets to expand its operations. The group shook up the dry cleaning industry by bucking the trends: modern stores, prices known in advance and short delivery times.

Since then, our company has thrived thanks to its dynamic growth, its global expansion, its commitment, not to mention its constant innovation efforts and continuing search to satisfy our customers.
Experiencing relentless growth, our group is looking to hire new collaborators, responsible, dedicated and committed to providing excellent work and customer service.

If you think you have the required qualities to share our values and contribute to our constant search for excellence, then we will be pleased to meet you. To this end, all you need to do is submit your application via the webpage of the country in which you want to apply for a job.